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You Have Your Hardwood Flooring Installed. How to avoid hardwood floor refinishing for years?

You finally have the hardwood floor you’ve dreamed of for years. But will it last? As a PS Chicago Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation, we guarantee it. With proper care, hardwood floors can last a lifetime. If you follow these tips, lasting floors can be yours.


  1. Don’t track dirt into the house.
    Find a doormat you love and place it at your doors—particularly high traffic entryways.
  2. Clean your floors regularly.
    Vacuum and mop frequently. Vigilantly wipe up spills immediately. Too much moisture can cause your floors to warp.
  3. Implement a no shoes rule.
    Shoes can track dirt across your floor. In addition, high heels can create dents.
  4. Keep pets’ claws trimmed.
    We all love our furry friends—but their sharp claws can wreak havoc on the hardwood refinishing of any floor.
  5. Use furniture pads.
    Using chair glides or furniture pads can keep your floor safe from your furniture. That way, if you decide to rearrange your furnishings at a later date, you won’t have to hide floor damage.
  6. Use a rug.
    Rugs have many benefits. They can be changed to fit décor. They keep your toes warm during cold Chicago winters. And they are an extra barrier between your floor and potential damaging factors.


An upside of hardwood floors is damage can be easily fixed. Other flooring types, such as carpet, may have to be entirely replaced when damaged. If you find damage on your hardwood floor, contact PS Chicago Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation for hardwood refinishing Chicago can trust.

PS Chicago Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation: A Chicago, IL Hardwood Flooring Specialists


PS Chicago Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation is a hardwood flooring company that can guarantee the perfect hardwood floor in your home or business. Our wide variety of wood styles and refinishings allows for a beautiful floor, no matter the size of your budget. We have been hardwood floor refinishing for years. We got over 10 years experience while working for One of the best hardwood floor installation & refinishing contractors near me in Chicago. Our experts are well versed in the installation, repair, and sanding of floors. Every floor is different so we are happy to discuss your wants and needs to provide you with a hardwood floor you will admire for years to come. From time to time we work also with CMS Hardwood Flooring Installation & Refinishing Chicago and Jerry's Hardwood Flooring. PS Chicago Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation is a go to service for the whole of Chicagoland. If you want to know everything about flooring in Chicago and suburbs visit this article - you can find there useful tips and reliable contractors. Our experienced tile contractors Barrington will provide you both with best quality tiles and excellent workmanship.

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