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All you need to know about floor installation in your home

The advantages of tiles

There are many reasons why tiles are an attractive choice of flooring material for many homes. Different types of tiles can be used in different rooms. Some tiles are ideal for use as the kitchen floor but will not look good at any other place. They can be a great tool for designing your home’s interior and sending a definitive message about the tastes and design preferences of the homeowner. You can use them to make any space distinctly personal. Nearly limitless colors, shapes, textures, finishes, trims and decorative options free the imagination to customize any setting whether the preference is contemporary or rustic, elegant or casual. Tile has an exceptionally low life cycle cost. It exceeds the lifespan of other flooring materials like marble, carpet, terrazzo, hardwood, etc., thus, yielding lower costs over the life of a building. An important component of low life cycle costs is the minimal maintenance methods and materials required for tile. Modern production technologies have positioned tile as “within budget” for most projects. When it comes to tile installation in Evanston you should choose only reliable companies like ANDY Tile Installation. Otherwise, you risk wasting money on an inferior end result with cheap looking tiles being sloppily installed. Another reason to choose tiles is the fact that they are a very environmentally friendly flooring material. Tile is fundamentally comprised of natural earthen clays which are combined with water, and then transformed by fire. Known as the workhorse of kitchen and bathroom floor surfaces, ceramic tile is called both ceramic and porcelain. The difference of names hinges on water absorption rates. Tile that absorbs water at a slower rate is officially called porcelain, and is best for high-moisture spaces like bathrooms. The kitchen--a place where moisture is definitely present, but not in the quantities found in bathrooms--can have tile rated as porcelain or not. You should pay attention to the Coefficient of Friction (COF) rating determines how much slip resistance the tile has. Higher numbers provide better resistance to slipping. A COF of.50 (dry) is recommended for flooring. Keep in mind, though, that the more slip resistant the tile, the more difficult it is cleaning the floor using a wet mop. Granite, marble, slate, and travertine tile work well for walls or for flooring where moisture is not of a concern. Quarry tile is used for flooring, inside or outside. With a COF of.8 and greater, this type of tile provides excellent slip resistance. Paver tiles are pressed clay or concrete tiles suitable for exterior walkways, floors, pool decking, pool linings, and patios. Interior residential use not recommended unless for high-traffic areas where aesthetics are not of great concern, such as mudrooms, furnace rooms or work areas. Glass tiles are a common choice for bathrooms and kitchens today because they’re easily recycled and come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Mosaic tiles — usually shaped in rectangles, squares, or “pennies” — have become increasingly popular. These glossy mosaic tiles work well on this bathroom floor because they’re easy to clean and provide traction during your post-shower dry down. No matter what type of tile you settle on, you should make sure that you hire only the best professionals like the tile contractors from Naperville employed by the ANDY Tile Installation company. They are certain to provide you with great service.



Hardwood floors - perfect solution for a classy interior

Why you should consider hardwood flooring?

Hardwood is a type of wood that comes from angiosperm — or flowering plants — such as oak, maple, or walnut. It is more likely to be found in in high-quality furniture, decks and flooring. It is far more fire resistant than softwood so it can make your home safer from the threat of fire. It is a great idea for flooring material. Hardwood floors not only add elegance to your home, but also warmth. Many people feel that having hardwood floors even makes a space look bigger. Wood floors can actually make your home feel more inviting, while amazing your guests. This type of flooring is also very versatile when it comes to interior design. Your style may change over the years. Thankfully, many hardwood floors go with almost anything. Not only will the flooring not clash with your décor, but there is a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from. This means that anyone will be able to find a hardwood that they love. Hardwood floors are easy to keep clean. They require a weekly sweeping, dry mopping or vacuuming in order to remove dust and dirt. Most hardwood floors only require a deep cleaning once a year. What makes wood floors even easier to maintain is the fact that they are much more stain resistant than carpets. If you spill something, all you have to do is wipe it up. Part of the flooring’s low maintenance is the fact that they are strong and durable. Yes, a wood floor can get scratched and dented, but it takes a lot to do that. Even when the surface is scratched, scuffed, damaged, dented or scraped all it takes to remove the mark is a spot cleaning. Wood floors are hard surfaces that can last for decades. Another great thing about hardwood floor is the fact that it can be refinished. You do not have to spend a lot of money replace it when you can simply hire a company that deals with hardwood flooring Glenview like the TEDDY Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation company. They can help you get any type of hardwood floor you desire. Oak flooring is an option that is highly resistant to dents and deep scratches. This makes oak a very popular choice for those homeowners who like to avoid area rugs. Walnut wood will make your home really shine, but that sight will come with a price. Walnut is very strong and durable, as it should be given the price tag. The wood is light to dark chocolate brown in color. European walnut is lighter in color and slightly finer in texture than an American black walnut. Hardwood floor made from maple is one of the most popular choices. The curly grain is so hard; it’s often used for bowling alleys. If maple wood can hold under those conditions, it can last in any home in America. Its grain pattern is more subtle than many other woods and can’t absorb dark stains very well. With time, maple wood forms a yellow exterior.

What’s the cost of hardwood floors?

The cost of a hardwood floor can depend on a variety of factors. Different companies will use different prices depending on the quality of the material they use as well as the amount of care their contractors will give to your floor. Moreover, the price differs depending on what type of tree was used to produce the wood. Maple, mahogany and ash hardwood tends to be more expensive than hickory or cherry hardwood. It is important to not make your choice based only on the price. Properly executed hardwood floor installation Bridgeview is worth the money you spend. Especially considering the high quality of services offered by the CMS Hardwood Flooring Installation & Hardwood Floor Refinishing company. The flooring of your house is not something you wish to buy for the lowest possible price. The hardwood floor is an investment in your property that will increase its value. Do not be afraid to spend more money to ensure that your home will look the way you want it to look like. Make it a place where you will enjoy spending your time and can easily impress your guests. High quality hardwood floor installed by highly qualified contractors can make that possible. You can always ask the company for a free cost estimate before deciding to hire them. They will assess how much the hardwood flooring Des Plaines installation will cost you and you can decide whether you want them to go ahead with the project or you would rather look for a different company.

Choose reliable contractor

Finding the right flooring contractor can be a difficult process, but it is crucial in order to end up with a superior hardwood floor. You should be willing to invest your time in looking for the best available contractors that will do an amazing job installing the type of floor you desire to have inside of your house. There are few ways to make finding such contractors easier. Firstly, know what you want before you ask the potential contractors for estimates. You will get a more accurate estimate if you can be very specific in what you want done and the materials you would like to use to make it happen. Ask friends, relatives and co-workers for references. People in your neighborhood who have done similar projects are your best sources. For example, if you live in Tinley Park you should look for a local company offering hardwood flooring Tinley Park services that have a good reputation among the local populace. You should expect that the contractors will not be able to start working at your home immediately. The best flooring contractors Park Ridge, IL has to offer are always busy precisely because so many people are satisfied with their services and tend to recommend them to their family and friends. Read online reviews on such platforms like Yelp, Google and Angie’s List. They can be a good indication about the quality of services you can expect from the company. Moreover, check their references. Talk to both clients and subcontractors, who can tell you if the contractor pays them on time. Try speaking with some of their current customers to get an idea what is it like to work with this contractor. Remember to check licenses, complaints and litigation history of the contractors you are interested in hiring. Finding reliable contractors is hard, but worth the effort.

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How to maintain your hardwood floor in perfect condition?

Hardwood flooring is known for being both durable and long lasting. However, that does not mean it is immune from damage and does not wear down with time. Scratches and stains can accumulate with time and the hardwood may end up looking dull. Companies like JERRY'S - Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing that offer hardwood refinishing in Northbrook or hardwood refinishing in Wheeling are a great source of information when it comes to hardwood floors. These are some of the things you can do by yourself to ensure that the floor will stay in great condition. Firstly, remember to sweep or vacuum at the very least twice a week. If possible, you can even do it every day. It is worth the effort because debris can take its toll on the floor’s sheen and make it look less appealing. The temperature has a big effect on the maintenance of a hardwood floor. The ideal temperature for wood floors is 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 30 to 50 percent humidity level. Keep the thermostat in that range year-round and you will lessen the chance of planks gapping and buckling, which is caused by drastic changes in heat and moisture. Properly maintained floors may never require replacement. There are many houses with hardwood floors over 100 years old.

If, despite your efforts, the wood loses its luster, hire an expert to help you improve the floor’s condition. This can be done by refinishing the hardwood floor. The process involves sanding away a paper-thin layer off the top and then mopping on three coats of clear polyurethane finish or a different type of finish if the situation requires one. During the refinishing equipment known as a sander is used to strip away the layers until the gouges and scratches are removed. Professional companies like TED that offer hardwood refinishing in Mount Prospect, IL are a great choice when you are looking for reliable contractors to restore your hardwood floor. If you live elsewhere, there are other amazing companies that will gladly offer you their high quality services. The CMS Hardwood Flooring Installation Services company offers hardwood floor refinishing in Hickory Hills, IL, while JERYY'S can help you with hardwood floor repair in Evanston. In the end, the condition of your hardwood floor is not something you want to entrust to a bunch of amateurs. Only experienced companies like TED, JERRY'S and CMS can guarantee the highest level of services.